Wednesday, August 5, 2009

AMAZING Iced Coffee

I have to give the NPR show The Splendid Table for this wonderful recipe for homemade Iced Coffee, I made it the same day I heard it on the show and must say have not hit Starbucks once since!!

1 lb. of your favorite ground coffee
Large bowl or stock pot
11-16 cups room temp. water

OK, this is hard so you better pay attention!
Take the coffee put it in the bowl/pot, add the water (its strong so I use 16 cups) let sit on your counter overnight, strain well, put in a pitcher and PRESTO you have enough coffee to last the week! I recommend straining the coffee twice, once in a strainer and once in cheesecloth, you could even slow strain it though a coffee filter!

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  1. Once finished, how do you finish it off? Do you use milk, cream, sugar?