Thursday, January 14, 2010

French Bread FAIL

When I made the decision to start this blog I also vowed to post pics of successes and failures! This bread was not a total failure just not a "beautiful" soft loaf of French Bread. The kids liked it and it did have good flavor, it went well with the eggplant dish with gnochi. I have always struggled with yeast breads, my confidence is rather low after years and years and years....of super fails! I am happy to say I have not given up and just yesterday found the PERFECT recipe for sandwich bread! I am making more today and will post pics and recipe, it was absolutely amazing. I am now ready to take on my grandmothers recipe for "grammie bread", it is a nice dark bread with molasses, whole wheat and other goodies. I wanted to give it to family members for Christmas but alas that did NOT happen. I am not sure I should post the recipe for this failed French Bread, I have not given up, when I can get it to turn out I will post recipe I suppose. :)


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  2. With failure comes success, try try try again.

  3. I think making bread is a gift, either you can make it or you can't. Have never had much success myself, but still try. My bread maker was a great gift to help me pretend that I can make bread.

  4. It's just as much fun even if it doesn't turn out as you hoped it would - and cooking should be about fun! Great blog